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What’s on Michigans Wish List this Holiday? Road Funding!

December 2, 2009

Local 4 Traffic Blog by: Lauren Podell

It’s an ongoing battle between state’s and the government: finding the money to fix crumbling roads across the country, especially here in Michigan. 

This morning, transportation officials met with Congressional leaders to urge the government to fund 9,500 transportation and road construction projects, totaling nearly $70 billion! The goal? To sustain and create hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide and improve the roads we drive on everyday!

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials released the list today in Washington. It includes 305 projects in Michigan with a nearly $1.4-billion price tag.

The projects MDOT are focusing on range from big reconstruction projects to smaller resurfacing project.

  • $115 million for I-69 between Miller Road and M-19 in St. Clair County
  • $45.6 million for Fort Street between Sibley and Goddard roads in Wayne County 
  •  M-15 and I-75 in Oakland County and I-94 in Wayne County

“We think transportation has proven it’s an effective way to get people back to work, and it almost always increases economic activity in the areas where improvements have been made”, Michigan Department of Transportation spokesman Bill Shreck said.

AASHTO executive director John Horsley said 10,600 transportation projects totaling more than $30 billion have been funded through President Barack Obama’s $787-billion American Recovery and Investment Act. About 9,000 of those were highway construction projects, and more than half are under way or finished.

**In the mean time we’ll keep our fingers crossed here in the mitten….