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Traffic4Cast! What to expect…

August 20, 2009

newsteamSo a lot is happening in the world of construction! The summer is coming to an end (which I can’t believe) and new projects are already getting planned for 2010. Also looming, weekend construction! there are closures ahead, 1st lets update you on whats happening now…

m-14A LOT and I mean a lot of Local 4 viewers (also friends and family) have been asking me about the construction on M-14. Only one lane has been open at Sheldon Rd. in both directions. 1st it was the eastbound side, then the westbound side, then both… it has been exhausting. ANYWAY — I just got word from MDOT that all lanes of M-14 will be opening TONIGHT, when the clock strikes midnight! Just like Cinderella!

cinderella midnight

So…since it’s Thursday, here is a sneak peak for whats ahead on the weekend construction front! We’ve got lane closures, full closures, ramp closures…it all starts tomorrow. Here is the OFFICIAL list released by MDOT just this morning.



 I will have updates all afternoon Friday on Local 4 News starting at Noon, 4pm, 5pm, 11pm & on Saturday’s morning show!




70px-M-53_svgLast but not least in Macomb County, a public hearing is scheduled for 4 to 7 p.m. today on plans to widen a stretch of Van Dyke Avenue in in Shelby Township. Road Commission of Macomb County staff is to attend the hearing at the boardroom of the Shelby Township municipal offices, 52700 Van Dyke.

We’ve seen a lot of lengthy construction M-53 for months now. Anywhere from 18 Mile to 27 Mile. And the road commissions big plans continue! They are going to rebuild and widen Van Dyke between 23 Mile and 26 Mile roads to 5 lanes from 2! Construction would occur 2010-13, once the commission has purchased land for the project.

The commission said maps, renderings and other information are to be available. The environmental impact of the project is to be discussed at the meeting.



Moms, Wings, and orange barrels… Sounds like this weekend is here

May 8, 2009
heather-zara-headshot2Local 4 Blog by Heather Zara

Happy Friday!  Here is the full and detailed list of construction projects taking place the weekend of May 8th-May 12th. Projects are organized by county. As always, projects are weather permitting. 

*NOTE: The closures may reopen Sunday afternoon for Mother’s Day and the Red Wings’ home game*


Full closure on I-696 in both directions between US-24 Telegraph and M-5

  • 9pm Friday-5am Monday
  • Detours will be posted
  • EASTBOUND DETOUR: EB M-5 to EB M-102 (8 Mile) to NB US-24 to reconnect with EB I-696
  • WESTBOUND DETOUR: SB US-24 to WB M-102 (8 Mile) to WB M-5 to connect to WB I-96
  • Expect heavy delays this weekend

Inkster under I-696

  • Reduced to a single lane
  • Now through Monday
  • 7am-5pm each day

Northbound I-75 at Crooks

  • Right 2 lanes scheduled to close
  • 9pm Friday-5am Monday
  • For sign foundation work


I-75 at Pennsylvania Ave. in Taylor

  • Saturday: 2 lanes close on the NB side from 6am-5pm
  • Sunday: 2 lanes close on the SB side from 6am-5pm

Southbound I-75 at Cicotte (just north of Southfield Rd. in Lincoln Park)

  • Left lane to close on Sunday
  • 8am-noon


Full closure on M-10 Lodge at 8 Mile

  • 10pm Friday-1pm Sunday
  • Traffic will be routed off and back onto the freeway using the 8 Mile ramps
  • Should only delay your commute slightly, depending on traffic volumes


I-696 in both directions between Dequindre and Van Dyke

  • Reduced to 2 lanes for ongoing bridge work
  • 9pm Friday-5am Monday
  • Expect delays
  • Use 10 Mile or 12 Mile as alternates
  • Mound off ramps are still closed-until June 1st

I-696 in both directions between Hayes and I-94

  • Double lane closure
  • 9pm Friday-5am Monday
  • Use Mile roads instead to avoid congestion

M-53 (Van Dyke Fwy) in both directions between 18 Mile and 24 Mile

  • Reduced to a single lane
  • 8pm Friday-5am Monday

Try not to worry too much about dodging the orange barrels. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! Drive safe and see you Monday on Local 4 News Morning starting at 5am.



The first weekend in May and yes, there is construction

May 1, 2009

heather-zara-headshotLocal 4 Blog by Heather Zara

Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here… but that means that it is time to roll out some extra orange barrels for weekend construction. It is that time of year after all. Let’s break down the scheduled road work by county to get you through it. The good news is that there aren’t any full freeway closures and I think that you will find that all of these projects are bearable. All scheduled construction is weather permitting.


I-696 between Dequindre and Van Dyke

  • Double lane closure in both directions
  • 8pm Friday-5am Monday
  • Alternate: 10 Mile or 12 Mile
  • Avoid the I-696 Service Drive. It will likely be just as congested

I-696 between Hayes and I-94

  • Double lane closure on the EASTBOUND side
  • Single lane closure on the WESTBOUND side
  • 8pm Friday-8pm Sunday
  • Alternate: Mile Roads work best
  • Avoid the I-696 Service Drive. It will likely be just as congested

M-53 between 19 Mile and 27 Mile

  • Reduced to a single lane in both directions
  • Southbound restrictions: 10am Friday-5am Monday
  • Northbound restrictions: 8pm Friday-5am Monday


Eastbound I-96 Jeffries

  • Double lane closures
  • 7am-7pm Saturday: from Brookfield to Berwick Streets (Just east of Farmington Road)
  • 7am-7pm Sunday: at Wayne Road

Westbound I-96 Jeffries in Detroit

  • Double lane closures
  • 7am-7pm both Saturday and Sunday
  • From Joy Road to US-24 Telegraph

Southbound I-275 at Koppernick (just north of Warren Avenue)

  • Double lane closure
  • 6am-6pm both Saturday and Sunday


Northbound I-75 between 9 Mile and 10 Mile

  • Double lane closure
  • 9pm Sunday-5am Monday

See… Not too bad, right? Have a great day and an amazing weekend.

I’ll see you on later editions of Local 4 News tonight. I’ll be reporting the Red Wings getting ready for game 1 against the Ducks. Round 2 is officially here. 

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No full FREEWAY closures this weekend, but still construction

March 27, 2009

heather-zara-headshot18Local 4 Blog by Heather Zara

Happy Friday! The good news is that you won’t have to completely dodge a freeway this weekend because none of them are completely shutting down.  That’s not the case on a busy stretch of main roads in Dearborn though. Here’s a look at the scheduled weekend construction by county.


Wayne County

Ford Road (M-153) in Dearborn will be closed at Evergreen in both directions

  • 8pm tonight (Friday)-5am Monday
  • Traffic will be routed to the Evergreen exit and entrance ramps in each direction.
  • At 5am Monday, the following ramp closures will be in place: EB Ford to SB Evergreen and SB Evergreen to EB Ford. Detours posted through May
  • At 5 am Monday, expect the following lane restrictions: one lane block on Ford Rd. at Evergreen in both directions until mid-summer

Oakland County

EB I-696 at Couzens Avenue

  • Right lane blocked today (Friday) from 1-3pm
  • Expect minor delays

I-696/I-75 Ramps

  • 6am-9am Saturday: EB I-696 to NB and SB I-75 will close
  • 9am-12pm Saturday: WB I-696 to NB and SB I-75 will close
  • 6am-9am Sunday: NB I-75 to EB and WB I-696 will close
  • 9am-12pm Sunday: SB I-75 to EB and WB I-696 will close
  • Detours will be posted but you can use Woodward as an alternate

Macomb County

I-696 between Hayes and Gratiot

  • 8pm tonight (Friday) until 5am Monday
  • 2 right lanes will be blocked in both directions

I-696 between Van Dyke and Dequindre

  • 8pm tonight (Friday) until 5am Monday
  • 2 right lanes will be blocked in both directions

*Try using 10 or 12 Mile Road instead of I-696 to avoid probable congestion this weekend

That’s all folks! Not that bad, right? Have a great weekend-see you back here bright and early on Monday and on Local 4 News Morning, starting at 5am. Also, follow us on Twitter @HeatherZara and @Local4News for updates over the weekend. I’ll try and keep up with the tweeting. Someone help me… Is that the correct Twitter lingo? 🙂

Spring has sprung and so have the orange barrels-get geared up for two full freeway closures

March 20, 2009

heather-zara-headshot14Local 4 Blog by Heather Zara

Happy Friday! So much to be excited about today; It’s officially Spring. It may not feel like it outside with the tempratures hovering in the 40’s, but you will know what season it is from all of the bright orange cones scattered on our roadways.

That’s right, Spring construction is in full swing. There is a lot of road work to get to so I’m going to get to the midday construction planned for today first, then we’ll get into the fun weekend stuff.


I-696 near Campbell-Hilton through Royal Oak

  • Right lane blocked from 9am-3pm
  • Today is the last of the midday construction here during the work week
  • Stay tuned for more lanes to close this weekend (below)

Northbound I-75 at 12 Mile Road

  • The left lane will be closed for bridge inspection
  • 9am-3pm today

Eastbound I-96 at Wixom Road

  • Right lane closed 9am-12pm today
  • Installation of traffic detection equipment

Eastbound I-96 at Milford

  • Right lane closed 12pm-3pm today
  • Installation of traffic detection equipment


Macomb County:

Full freeway closure on I-696 in both directions between I-94 and Gratiot, in Roseville

  • Crews to demolish the bridge that carries westbound 11 Mile Road over the freeway
  • 8pm tonight until 5am Monday
  • Eastbounddetour: Exit onto southbound Gratiot to eastbound 8 Mile to access I-94
  • Westbounddetour: Exit onto westbound 8 Mile to northbound Gratiotto access westbound I-696

Double lane closure on I-696 between Van Dyke and Dequindre, in Warren

  • Starts 8pm tonight until 5am Monday
  • Use the Mile Roads as alternates to avoid congestion
  • This construction is in conjunction with existing road work in place (Closure of Mound Rd. off ramps)
  • The southbound Mound ENTRANCE ramp to westbound I-696 will close for the weekend
  • The 11 Mile Road entrance ramp (service drive) to eastbound I-696 will also close for the weekend

Wayne County:

Full freeway closure along I-94 at Van Dyke Avenue, in Detroit

  • 9pm tonight until 7am on Saturday AND 9pm Saturday-5am Monday
  • Saturday 7am-9pm… you get a slight break… only one lane will be blocked
  • Use Van Dyke on andoff ramps to get around this
  • Van Dyke bridge will close from 9pm tonight until 5am Monday; at 5am Monday, bridge will open to one lane of traffic in each direction and remain a single lane until early June

Double lane closure on Ford Road at Evergreen in Dearborn

  • Both directions on Saturday from 8am-4pm

Oakland County:

Bridge inspection on I-696 near Campbell-Hilton in Royal Oak

  • Saturday March 21st 7am-5pm: Double lane closure of westbound I-696 at Bermuda/Mohawk AND closure of the entrance ramp from Mohawk/Bermuda to westbound I-696
  • Sunday March 22nd 7am-5pm: Double lane closure of eastbound I-696 at Bermuda/Mohawk AND closure of the entrance ramp from Mohawk/Bermuda to eastbound I-696

Double lane closures on northbound I-75 between University and Lapeer

  • 7am-5pm on Saturday
  • Entrance ramp to northbound I-75 from westbound University ramp to close during this time
  • Traffic will be detoured along  westbound University to northbound Opdyke to northbound Lapeer to access northbound I-75

Double lane closure on southbound I-75 between Lapeer and University

  • 7am-3pm on Sunday
  • Could slow you down on your drive home from the Heat vs. Pistons game on Sunday

M-59 (Huron Street in Pontiac)

  • 2 lanes will close on westbound Huron Street from State St. to Williams Rd.
  • 7pm Friday-7pm Tuesday

Wow-I know, that’s a lot to handle! Don’t worry, we’ll keep the blogright here so that you can look it over whenever you need it. Have a great weekend,  pack your patience and celebrate Spring! 

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