National Teen Driver Safety Week (18th – 24th)

newsteamIt’s pretty safe to say that the adults of the world are better behind the wheel, we’ll chalk it up to experience. It’s also pretty safe to say that teens, well to put it politely, have different tasks to overcome behind the wheel then most adults did when they learned to drive.  To help acknowledge that — “National Teen Driver Safety Week” has been instituted.  


New drivers too often think they’re invincible. They dont have as much experience (obviously), they handle distractions poorly, and tend to have that “it won’t happen to me” mind set.  This is the perfect formula that makes traffic crashes the leading cause of death among people in the 15-20 age group.

*Aug 26 - 00:05*The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning says 174 people were killed and 1,517 seriously injured statewide in crashes involving drivers age 16-20 in 2008. Most of those who died were the young drivers themselves or passengers in their vehicles. Also,  young people in general don’t see texting, dialing, or other distracting behaviors as risky as the older adults.  Only 61 percent of those under the age of 35 believe that reading text messages from a mobile device is “very dangerous” compared to 92 percent of study participants older than 50.

Ford Motor Company has stepped up to the plate to acknowledge Teen Driver Safety Week. They realize most teens are talking on their cell, texting, grooming, eating, etc. So they put together an AWESOME website that offers safe driving tips, accident statistics, games, car-care tips, and stuff for parents too


 Be apart of the solution… sit down with your teen, explain the dangers, explain the reality.

Studies confirm: Teen Drivers + Peer Passengers = Higher Fatal Crash Risk
 1 passenger = 2x Fatal Crash Risk
 3 or more passengers = 4–5x Fatal Crash Risk



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