The first weekend in May and yes, there is construction

heather-zara-headshotLocal 4 Blog by Heather Zara

Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here… but that means that it is time to roll out some extra orange barrels for weekend construction. It is that time of year after all. Let’s break down the scheduled road work by county to get you through it. The good news is that there aren’t any full freeway closures and I think that you will find that all of these projects are bearable. All scheduled construction is weather permitting.


I-696 between Dequindre and Van Dyke

  • Double lane closure in both directions
  • 8pm Friday-5am Monday
  • Alternate: 10 Mile or 12 Mile
  • Avoid the I-696 Service Drive. It will likely be just as congested

I-696 between Hayes and I-94

  • Double lane closure on the EASTBOUND side
  • Single lane closure on the WESTBOUND side
  • 8pm Friday-8pm Sunday
  • Alternate: Mile Roads work best
  • Avoid the I-696 Service Drive. It will likely be just as congested

M-53 between 19 Mile and 27 Mile

  • Reduced to a single lane in both directions
  • Southbound restrictions: 10am Friday-5am Monday
  • Northbound restrictions: 8pm Friday-5am Monday


Eastbound I-96 Jeffries

  • Double lane closures
  • 7am-7pm Saturday: from Brookfield to Berwick Streets (Just east of Farmington Road)
  • 7am-7pm Sunday: at Wayne Road

Westbound I-96 Jeffries in Detroit

  • Double lane closures
  • 7am-7pm both Saturday and Sunday
  • From Joy Road to US-24 Telegraph

Southbound I-275 at Koppernick (just north of Warren Avenue)

  • Double lane closure
  • 6am-6pm both Saturday and Sunday


Northbound I-75 between 9 Mile and 10 Mile

  • Double lane closure
  • 9pm Sunday-5am Monday

See… Not too bad, right? Have a great day and an amazing weekend.

I’ll see you on later editions of Local 4 News tonight. I’ll be reporting the Red Wings getting ready for game 1 against the Ducks. Round 2 is officially here. 

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